2011 Model Building

16507998_969584429635_7896714348395216365_n 20046439_1498997490157034_2645123167900565165_n 20108239_1498997516823698_5936418000909405504_n 20108604_1498997500157033_4078859524685997408_n 20140136_1498997536823696_2590912766570775668_n 20228437_1498997583490358_6959303042107858692_n 20229029_1498997570157026_5631589319143188113_n 20229057_1498997510157032_6018073530726543332_nWe will be getting these 2011 model building on the lot in the next 2 weeks. Perfect for office or classroom. Asking $28,000 each, and we will have 5 of them available. This price will include delivery within 50 miles of Durant, OK. Call or text 580-931-8811 for more information.

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